August 7, 2007

Here we are again - Gleanings For The Hungry: Summer Edition

After spending a week in the Spring here at Gleanings For The Hungry, A YWAM ministry in Sultana, CA, we knew we wanted to come back and spend some time during the summer "peach" season. There isn't much work the younger children can do, so we mostly play at our home away from home and help out when we can.

After Megan got up from her afternoon nap I took the younger kids out to the peach line and then out to the field to do some "cup up".

First, we found two of our big guys at the end of the line, packaging dried peaches.
Then, we watched the beginning of the line, as the peaches came out of the big crates and got a water bath.We couldn't get over to where Daddy was working, so we went out of the peach line area and over to the sulfur tunnels. After the peaches are put onto the trays they go into the sulfur tunnels for 4 hours, to preserve the color of the peaches. You'll notice we have some friends with us. We are a kid magnet at our "house" with the staff kids hanging out with us while their parents work during the day.
Out to the drying "field". We are "cupping up" - which means making sure all the cored and cut peaches are skin side down, making it look like a cup = cup up! That way they dry correctly. Peaches take about a week to dry in the field. It is a very sticky job, but it smells pretty good!
Here are some of my little workers.
Oh, it is starting to get hot out here!
Here is our youngest son standing in front of the area of the field with yesterdays processed peaches put out to dry and where we worked on cupping up.
Over here you see in the background (be sure to click to enlarge this and any other picture) peaches that have been out drying for several days already. Notice how much darker they are now.

That's all for now. We'll check in again later.


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