July 23, 2007


We just got back from 6 days and 5 nights camping. With the nine youngest children. You know, "just" the youngest nine. LOL! It rained most of the time. The 20 month old did not like sleeping at night, so mom and dad did not get to sleep much at night either.

I'm tired and have laundry up to my eyebrows... though I have managed to get 4 loads done since getting home today.

Pictures to follow when I have time. (HA!)

We leave in 13 days for Gleanings For The Hungry....

Hubby and I are trying to figure out if a long car trip is easier than 5 days of camping in the rain with nine children. Any guesses? LOL!

Are you watching the "Back to School" ads? I admit, I have been gone, but I glanced over Sundays ads today (Monday) and looks like everyone is offering "something"...just not a lot of anything great. What's with the "buy one, get one free" sales? Last week Office Depot had Crayola Crayons 24 packs for I think ten cents each and someone else is offering the same pack free if you buy another Crayola set, but mind you it is an expensive set, the ones that start at $1.99 and higher. So, be CAREFUL! Lots of weeks left to watch the ads. Shop carefully!

Wedding? Did you say wedding? Oh yes. Nice to have a week off from thinking about it. Now I'm aiming to find a caterer for the night of the wedding, AFTER the reception as the bride and groom want to open their gifts before the brides family (from Canada) leave, and before the bride and groom leave for their Mexico Honeymoon - all the next day! Eek! I think after such a FULL day with wedding and reception, etc., paying someone to have food hot and ready and will also serve and clean up will be a nice. Now, to find someone with a good price and good food, for a smallish group (about 30 including children).

For now, I need some sleep. Caterers, wedding planning and getting eleven of us to CA in 13 days will HAVE to wait till tomorrow! Really. It has to wait. No fair making me dream about it.

Did I mention my three year old started throwing up at dinner tonight? Yup. About an hour after she kissed me on the lips. If you don't see any new posts in the next few days you'll KNOW why.

Happy Trails!


Meg said...

We'll keep you lifted up! You need your health, if anyone does.



Roberta said...

Looks like fun camping.

Have a blessed time at Gleanings. This is a short trip or a move?

Lilaena said...

Yay for camping - just curious if you're getting paid as a wedding planner!

jeewbee said...

Just thought I would add a thought here about Back to School sales. I found that the Walmart here in Michigan had 24-pk Crayola Crayons for 20 cents, but the Walmart in Grove, Oklahoma, had them for $1! Rip OFF!! I can't believe that there would be such a difference between states, but apparently there is. Watch out! I would agree though that Walmart has a lot of good deals, but here Target has a lot of similar deals, maybe not as many though.

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