July 12, 2007

Big News!

I realize a lot of you have wondered where on earth I have been. Well, my oldest son is engaged to be married! Woo hoo! Wow! Exciting!

So, things have been a bit busy around here. His lovely bride-to-be lives in British Columbia, Canada. Up until two weeks ago the wedding was going to be put on by her parents in Canada. Then, two weeks ago, the bride and groom decided to have the wedding here where we live and where they will be living after the wedding. Great! Awesome! Okay, it is also more work for me. lol.

You see with Plan A all I had to do was get our family of 14 up to Canada in time for the wedding, buy some clothes, a new suit for hubby and then put on a second reception for the new couple a few weeks after the Canadian wedding, so that all the local friends and family could join in our celebration.

Plan B: The bride-to-be arrived July 2nd for an 11 day visit and we have been working fast and furiously to get everything arranged from start to finish in the time she is here. So far, so good. She leaves tomorrow afternoon, but not before we have one last appointment with the bakery to taste cake flavor samples. (so much for low carb! LOL!) There are a few things I will need to finalize after she leaves, but pretty much we have everything planned out. Praise the Lord!

On top of all the fun and excitement I have so enjoyed having some special time that "us girls" got to go out and do things and the time getting to know her better! And, she loves Jane Austen books and movies! I couldn't be happier to be a mother-in-law! LOL! Someone to watch "chick flicks" with! Woo hoo! (my oldest daughter is 9, so you can understand my enthusiasm to have another woman around!)

So, that is WHERE I have been. To make up for my neglecting you all, here is a Trophy of a tip:
It is THAT time of year again : Back to School sales are starting to show up in the local ads. Remember all the good times we had last year with this topic? How we discussed which we liked better, Rose Art Crayons or Crayola? Anyway, currently I have seen a few good deals at Walmart, Office Depot, Staples and Office Max. I think Walmart's specials are by far the best to date. But, be diligent and keep watching. Each week different specials will show up. Target and K-Mart are bound to join in with some great specials soon!

The wedding is two months and 10 days away!


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Cheers! So glad this is working out for you!

Sunydazy said...

Happy Blessings to you all! How exciting to gain a daughter- in- law... and what a lovely couple!

kerri @ gladoil said...

How wonderful. Congratulations! :)

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my she is the tiniest little thing! She looks very sweet, too.
I would be greatful to have to deal with all the wedding stuff over packing and driving with all the kids, lol. I love having a large family, but its still tough traveling with them all. Bits of business compared to days in the van just don't compare.

Mom of twelve said...

Thank you everyone!

Yes, I agree. Travel with a large family isn't an easy task. Stay tuned to the next post. =)

Roberta said...

Hiya Jer!
How exciting!

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