October 30, 2008

Joy overflowing!

Praise God, I was able to come home to my family yesterday, after 5.5 weeks in the hospital!

Better yet, we were able to bring Liam home with us yesterday and didn't have to leave him behind in the NICU when I was discharged. This is a tremendous answer to prayer and quite a surprise to Liam's siblings when they saw he was in the car seat in daddy's arms after I walked in the door. What a joyous reunion!

These are all the pics I have so far this morning. It was a bit of a rough night. Have to understand that yesterday, at 4 days old, was the longest time we have had Liam with us. We are still getting to know each other. He is doing really well, and has even nursed at every feeding, better and better, another wonder after he hasn't nursed before this, being in the NICU. My milk is coming in, though a little slowly... another praise!

Just for clarification, Liam is still breathing faster than he should, but I convinced his doctor yesterday that if that was the only reason for him to stay in the NICU, it wasn't a very good reason (Okay, I didn't say it like that, but you get the idea). His oxygen sats are great and he isn't working or struggling to breath, so as long as he passed his car seat test yesterday and would eat well (from a bottle) and see's our pediatrician on Friday, the doctor agreed to let him go home with us. Woo hoo!

I cannot tell you how wonderful not leaving him behind is/was! I finally feel like a new mama and able to start enjoying getting to know my new baby.

I am also overjoyed to be home with my other children and husband. It is like coming awake after a long nightmare. Praise be to God for bringing us through this very hard time and bringing us all back together again! Thank you all for your many prayers on our behalf! God has surely heard all our prayers (and my many tears) and moved on our behalf!


Homemanager said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so very happy for you, Jerri!
What a HUGE blessing to not have to travel back and forth to the NICU. The Lord is so wonderful! Thanks so much for keeping us posted on what was happening.
Now we want to see you healed up! :-)

Martie said...

Praise the Lord! I was happy that you had got to come home - and then when I went to the next paragraph I was shocked to read that baby got to come home too. God answers prayers.

I will continue to pray that nursing picks up and that you are able to get into the swing of things - What a long ordeal.


Lady of the Shoe said...

Jerri and family,
I'm so happy to hear you are home. Loved the pictures. He looks just like your other children. Praying for all to adjust quickly and for the nursing to take right off!

Kerri said...

I'm so glad you're doing well!! Pray that God will continue to bless you and Liam will adjust to home life easily! :)

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