October 7, 2008

34 weeks

Hi everyone! Praise the Lord, baby and I have made it to 34 weeks. Today was day 16 in the hospital and things are nice and "calm".

A BIG thank you to those of you who live locally and have come out to visit me in the hospital. It always brightens my day to have visitors! And, helps that day go by faster. I know this hospital is way out of the way for most of you and that makes your visit all the more dear to me. And, those of you who bring me Starbucks, well, those are some yummy days for me to say the least. Hospital coffee is NOT a Starbucks white chocolate mocha, that is for sure!

Thanks also to those of you who have helped out making freezer meals, helping out with the children, and taking the kids to your house for a play day. All these ways of helping us blesses us so much and is helping to make this time I have been on bed rest and this extended time in the hospital bearable for the whole family.

One last thank you to those of you who have sent gifts for the baby from our registry, sent cards, sent or brought flowers to me, etc. I feel so encouraged and blessed by your gifts of love and helping us be ready for this little boys arrival!

Here is the latest news as of today, Tuesday. If things stay "calm" and there are no more bad bleeds, they will do an amnio on the 20th, the day I am 36 weeks gestation, to check on the baby's lungs. If they are deemed healthy/mature, they will deliver him by c-section on the 21st.

Plans can change in the blink of an eye, but this is what the plan is today. I believe most of the high risk doctors are on board with this plan, so that is good. There had been some talk of doing an amnio next week, but we have all talked about it and decided that giving the baby an extra week will give the baby a better chance of having his lungs ready and more developed over all.

Please continue to pray for baby and I here in the hospital. And, for David and the children at home. We now have web cams set up so I can see and talk to the children every day, which is really nice!

Lord willing, baby Liam will be born two weeks from today!


Baleboosteh said...

We continue to pray for you here. Web cams!!! Isn't technology amazing! We are praising God that you have such a wonderful and supportive church family. Bringing Starbucks to the hospital is truly a work of mercy! Coffee in British hospitals is horrendous - I only hope that the food where you are is better than what we have!

Praying that all stays calm with your little one and that the next two weeks simply fly by.

Lisa said...

JERRI!!! Oh, my word, my heart just hurts that you're away from you family. I'm praying hard for everthing to work out and the baby to be born safely in God's time. As usual, I wish I could offer up some help in your home. Vermont is just too far away. ;o)

Martie said...

Continuing to pray. Trust that you are able to keep baby in as long as needs be. As a Mom, I can only imagine being gone from the family for so long. Thankful that God is giving grace to endure through this tough time.

I can't wait to see pictures of the baby!! What a wonderful day that will be!


Homemanager said...

Praise the Lord, Jerri! The Lord is so good! So glad that you and your family are experiencing and enjoying what the Body of Christ is...family!
Will continue to pray for you and the baby.
I'm looking forward to seeing your little Liam. :-)

Homemanager said...

Praise the Lord, Jerri! The Lord is so good! I'm so glad that you are experiencing and enjoying the ministry of the Body of Christ. :-)
I will continue to pray for you and the baby.
I am looking forward to seeing your little Liam. :-)

Anonymous said...

34 weeks! Praise God. You made it farther than I did with Preston as of today, and he came home from the hospital with me which was an amazing blessing, so it's so wonderful to know you are passing the 34 weeks mile stone. 36 weeks will be wonderful, praying the days go by fast with no further complications. Is he still measuring large??


Roberta said...

Grateful to know you and baby are "calm". And am glad and encouragement. Sounds like you picked a name...I like Liam. Will continue to pray for you.
Lots of love!

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