August 26, 2008

Health Update

Hi everyone!

This is Jerri's sister Jenny (otherwise known as Runningamuck). Jerri asked that I pass along information to you all.

She went to her regular ob appointment today and was letting him know how cruddy she's been feeling. Well, her urine test came back that she was severely dehydrated. (We suspect that's due to the meds and all the side-effects) So she's off to the hospital to be plugged in to some IV fluid. Hopefully once she's nice and hydrated the contractions will stay away, she'll need the meds less and she'll feel much better.

In the meantime, I know she would appreciate your prayers for continued health of the baby and that her poor, dried up veins would be easily accessible for the IV. She's got a bit of "record" of being difficult in that area. Not only would that delay her getting fluids but being a human pin-cushion isn't all that comfortable either.

At this point she has no idea if they'll keep her overnight but I'll be sure to pass along information as I get it.

Thanks for your prayers.


Martie said...

Continuing to pray and will check back here for updates.


Christa said...

Jerri-- I've never met you, but will certainly be praying for you. I've had some eventful pregnancies, too... One of which ended with my daughter being born perfectly healthy at just 31 weeks. She had to stay in the NICU until she was beg enough to eat on her own, but she never even needed oxygen, just love and time. She's a fireball now. :) I'll be praying that God allows your little one to arrive in His time alone.

-christa @ No End in Site

Baleboosteh said...

Continuing to pray here for you and the precious little one.

Dehydration is no joke and it can most certainly increase contactions in this sort of situation as I know from past experience. But it isn't always easy to recognise it is creeping up on you - especially if you are on the horrible anti-contraction medication. Praying for nice plump veins and a swift return home, contraction free. May God strengthen you and all your family.

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