August 12, 2008

26 Week Update

Quick recap: I have been on bed rest for about 4 weeks now for a complete/total placenta previa, earlier than we expected, because ultrasound showed the cervix was starting to change and the OB does not want that to happen.

I am now 26 weeks along, hoping and praying we can get to 38 weeks for a c-section delivery. Bed rest will continue until the baby is born.
If bleeding occurs I will be in the hospital most likely until the baby is born, which may then be early (preemie) depending on if the bleeding will stop or not.

Newest News: Last Saturday contractions started. We weren't expecting that! I went to the hospital to be monitored for a while. Medicine to stop the contractions was prescribed and is to continue to be used on an as needed basis (i.e. 4 or more contractions in an hour). The medicine has side effects that are not fun (massive headache for one). I have started dilating a bit.

At today's, 8/12, OB appt. the OB would prefer that I do even less (less trips down stairs; none would be better, etc.) and be reclined or laying down all the time. He also said I cannot drive myself anywhere anymore (because of the risk of having a bleed while alone in the car).

We so appreciate all your prayers for me, the baby, hubby, and the whole family. We can only take one day at a time and see what it holds. God is with us, each step of the way, holding us together.


Baleboosteh said...

Oh my! We are continuing to pray here for you and all your family too. You are much in my thoughts, having been in a similar situation twice before. Our God is able to do great things and He will give you the strength to deal with this, moment by moment.

May God bless you richly with peace and strength.


Martie said...

I have and will continue to be praying for you. Trust that you are able to rest and get baby to a bigger weight and development before he/she is born.

Have you had complications like this before? Just curious.


Mom of twelve said...

I have been blessed with relatively uncomplicated pregnancy's, till this one. My last pregnancy I had a partial placenta previa, but I had not one complication from it...we even moved to a new house a month before the delivery date and I packed and moved boxes, etc. I stayed very active and had no issues with it, other than I had to have a c-section to deliver the baby because the placenta was just in the way enough to block a vag. delivery. The placenta blocked her head enough that she never "engaged" in the pelvis, so no dilation at all, and I didn't even waddle! Course, the flip side was that she was very high and the heartburn was pretty bad. lol.

Because I have had so many babies (or so that is what they blame it on) I usually do slowly dilate to 3-4 cm before my due date, without noticeable "regular" contractions (like I was having last Sat.) and usually not starting till around 32+ weeks gestation. Started a little earlier with the twins pregnancy, but I think that was the sheer weight of carrying two babies at the same time. =)

Dilating a bit early during a "normal" pregnancy isn't a big deal....I'm not in labor and not at risk to deliver early. Dilating really early (now) when the placenta is embedded right on top of the cervix is a risky issue for sure. My OB said that the placenta's position could be irritating my uterus and therefore causing these contractions.

Makes me even more thankful for how many uncomplicated pregnancy's I have had! God is in control, whether complicated or not, working all things for my good and His glory!

julie said...

I can't imagine having to be on bed rest for that long. Yikes. Praying for you, your little babe, and your entire family. Hang in there!!


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