July 24, 2008

Week 23 Update

Well, let's really start with week 22...last week. The ultrasound I had done while in the hospital finally came back with a report to my OB and showed the cervix was shortening and starting to "funnel" (which is what it does right before it starts to dilate). Long story short, OB put me on bed rest right away to try to stop any dilation from occuring. If dilation starts, the risk and likelihood of bleeding from the placenta is very high. None of us want that. We want this baby to have a good many more weeks or months to grow inside of me and not in the NICU.

It took me a few days of gradually slowing down to get me actually off my feet, but I am doing it, with the help of a "borrowed" oldest daughter of 7, who has helped me the last 2 days while my husband and older boys are working.

This isn't a "in bed flat on your back" type of bed rest at this point. In my room, off my feet, not doing much, is what we are doing for now. If anything more starts to change, or if I have any spotting, it will be the flat on your back type of bed rest. The type I'm doing right now is hard enough...for me. I have to mentally take myself out of everything I ususaly do and find new ways to get it done, or let it go. It's all worth it for this little one!

My ultrasound and appt. went well today. Praise the Lord, nothing has changed. Meaning the cervix hasn't made any further progress in dilation or effacement (thinning). It also means, of course, the placenta is still completely over the cervix, but we really are not expecting that to change at this point. My doctor is pleased that taking it easy and staying off my feet is "working", keeping things calm and stable. So, this is the continued plan till the baby is born.

I asked if I could attend church, and he hemmed and hawed, but said I could for now (as long as nothing changes, no contractions, spotting, etc.) as long as I stay sitting during worship and go lie down on the couch in the nursing mom's room during the sermon.

I go back in for my next OB appt. in about 2 weeks, see him every 2 weeks till 30 weeks (Sept 8th ish), have another ultrasound at 30 weeks (providing nothing has happened before then, like contractions or spotting) and then see him every week till we deliver the baby around 38 weeks (Nov. 3rd ish).

My right kidney that had the infection appears from tests to be infection free, yeah, but on ultrasound it is enlarged and fluid is backing up in it. It does get uncomfortable at times, so that is probably what I am feeling. They want me to try to only lay on my left side to help the right side "drain" better and lay on my side a few times throughout the day too (I have spent most of my bed rest days sitting in the recliner in my room). Just need to help that kidney as much as possible so that it doesn't get infected again.

We continue to take everything one day at a time, praying that bed rest will be enough to keep things calm until 38 weeks. That would be a great miracle from God! And, if bleeding starts, we will deal with that as it happens and know God is with us there too.

Thank you all for your prayers for us...keep them coming!


The Driver's said...

We're praying for you, not only for the pregnancy, but Dave's job situation (I saw your comment on our blog). I just remember that these trials are for our good...
Love, The Driver's

Leanne said...

I'm praying!!!!!

Take care of yourself....

Have you thought about a cranberry supplement to help that kidney? Cranberry is very good for your Urinary tract and your kidneys...not juice because it has way too much sugar, just a supplement.

Just my thoughts!


Anonymous said...

When I went on bedrest with Preston, we took our twin size mattress with a basic metal frame that didn't take up extra room and put it in the living room after rearranging some furniture...I was able to not just sit in the same bed all day and night and able to be around the family without them in my room...if it's possible at all I highly rec. it...much better than the couch and you can have 10 pillows everywhere to get comfy and you can be in the middle of things directing and doing what needs to be done verbally. If I had to do it again, I'd do the same thing. I had the laptop there, TV/DVD Player, Books/Magazines, a little side table to set everything on and eat on...it worked pretty well! (And if I could go back I would have learned how to knit, crochet and sew all during those 6 weeks! lol) :) I would clean my little area while laying down when I felt the need to "do something" lol
Praying baby stays in and your cervix stops changing! Every week gets that baby healthier and stronger.

Kristen Bradley

Baleboosteh said...

I will be praying for you. My cervix funnelled in 2 of my pregnancies from about week 18 onwards, with horrid contractions and pain. They manage it slightly differently over here in that the bed rest restrictions are less severe (and much more confusing and less helpful). Your doctor sounds wonderful.

I carried Isaac to 40 weeks and Elisha to 37 and I certainly put that down to the bed rest. I haven't any great hints or tips for managing it - I don't think I ever got used to it! My mother in law came to stay for a while which was a great help. May God bless you and sustain you through this time.

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