June 28, 2008

Just a quick "warm weather" hello!

Things are finally starting to grow and flower around here! We thought summer would never arrive, since spring never did! LOL!

This is what I call sneaky vegetation: Can you see the old mini-pumpkin shell in the background? Well, we dumped these into the back yard back in November to rot. I had hoped some of the seeds might survive, but it looked the whole thing rotted pretty well. Then, just a few days ago I noticed that something was growing up through the pansies! Was it weeds? Apparently not. Looking a lot like pumpkin plants to me. There are about 5 plants in this clump (poor pansies!) and 3 more plants in the clump below. Go figure!

Beautiful daylilies! These were "rescued" the week before the wedding last year from our friends "Shoeprints" beautiful gardens. Grandma was thinning and these plants were going to get tossed. I happened to be in the right place at the night time! I wasn't sure if they would survive, but they have! Beautiful burnt orange color!

A bit washed out in the strong morning sunlight, but here are some of the hydrangeas and white roses in the back yard.

Front yard: zinnia's above and hubby's favorite, black eyed Susan's below.

Happy Summer to you all!


julie said...

I have flowers blooming too. The kids love to go out and check on the progress of the seeds they have thrown out.

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