June 30, 2008

Half way there!

Yes, 20 weeks today. And, an actual picture of me and my baby bump. Ultrasound is next week to check on that pesky placenta previa... For now, it is behaving itself.


Meg said...

Looking great! Any thoughts about a cook day?


Leanne said...

Oh, so glad to get an update! I've been praying for you and baby....

You look pretty nifty for a mom with 13 kids!!

Take it easy!

Leanne in Longview

Martie said...

You look great. I will keep you in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Where are you keeping the rest of the baby?
Let me know about a cook day too, I need to come over and fill my pockets-uh-I would really like to help also! Yeah!

Mom of twelve said...

Meg and Dana,
I'm waiting to make any cook day plans till after the US next week. If, by a miracle, the placenta has moved enough that Dr. Nak isn't going to require me to be on bed rest at 28 weeks, than I will do one probably in October. If, though, the bugger hasn't budged, then I will probably set up a cook day for early to mid August.

Keeping the rest of the baby. Oh, you are too kind! I feel too big for 20 weeks as it is! LOL! Fundal height is right on. My tummy actually sticks out more above my belly button than below, which I don't like, because those upper stomach muscles are so separated that my growing uterus is pushing all my innards, ahem, up through that separation. Bleh.


Meg said...

Don't just "set up a cook day". You MUST let me help with the prep and shopping. MUST. Having barely survived a cook day only recently, I can't, in good conscience, let you pull one together alone.


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