March 2, 2008

Is it really March already? SERIOUSLY?

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Ongoing health issues keep me just trying to survive some days. As a bit of an update, we have a lead on a possible diagnosis for what is the root issue of my health problems. When we know more I will post about it. For now, my doctor is looking into finding the "right" doctor/specialist to send me to for this possible diagnosis.

Thanks to all of you who took time to leave comments! I so appreciate
that! What I have ended up going with is Visions Glass Cookware by Corning. It is quite expensive on Ebay or to buy at the few places that still sell new pieces (they no longer produce this line), but God has blessed me greatly and I have found several pieces at my local Goodwill for very little money! I am still using my Stainless Steel large cook pot, which is so-so,(it doesn't have a flat bottom and so doesn't work well/heat evenly on my flat top stove). I also was able to find some non-aluminum deodorant on clearance at Walgreen's for like $0.70 each. So, I stocked up on several of those. Once those are gone I will look into some of the other options you wonderful readers have mentioned. =)

So, besides all that STUFF, what is going on around our household? Perhaps the biggest new thing is my goal to really work at saving money this year by lowering my grocery, household supplies and toiletries bill. I have learned a lot through many wonderful websites and blogs, especially about coupon shopping. I'll be sharing more on this in a future post. Let's just say just the thought of the Sunday paper coupon inserts set my heart a'flutter these days! LOL!

With following a stocking up while items are at their lowest prices plan I have saved some serious money! I have stayed away from Costco almost entirely, because as it turns out, most of the items I buy there, though not all, can be bought for less when those items are on sale when you have a coupon to go with them. Also, finding really good deals (and knowing what a good deal is) has allowed me, for instance, to buy 80/20 hamburger meat at Safeway on sale for $0.99 per pound (this was still from the butcher block and not those somewhat strange "tubes" of hamburger meat - I have an aversion to buying meat I can't SEE). As a comparison, I was (blindly) buying 88/12 hamburger meat at Costco for $2.59 per pound. I say blindly because I had it in my mind that Costco always has the best prices. Wrong.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. So, I took the time to go through Costco and make a list of all the items I usually buy there, price per pound/ounce/etc. so that I can refer to that when I look at grocery ads each week. That has really helped!

I also made a change in what I buy for chicken. To save time, ahem, I have bought the skinless/boneless chicken breasts at Costco for years, which turns out costs $2.31 per pound. Well, I am now buying whole chickens and finding them on sale, and then stocking up on them (my full size freezer is getting quite the workout now!) for $0.68 per pound! Yes, more work and with the chicken breasts there isn't any waste, but the savings is significant! It is also better for my kids to stop being so picky about white meat and thinking dark meat is unhealthy or such. LOL.

I will admit that finding enough coupons to make it worth it for a family of our size was a challenge at first. But, I swallowed what little pride I have (let's face it, people offer us their hand-me-downs pretty often, and the first time they do they are always afraid of offending,but I say who cares if they are hand-me-downs, bring them on!), lol, and starting knocking on neighbors doors (well, two of them) and now one neighbor gives me all their coupon inserts each week! Plus I asked a friend who I knew gets the paper if she used hers and so when we see each other she gives those to me. AND, my wonderful husband even asked around at work and I usually get 1-2 sets of inserts and food day grocery store ads (that gets me extra Safeway doubler coupons and coupons, which I use one set at Safeway and another at Albertson's - they take any grocery store competitor coupons) each week. Plus, if there is an especially GREAT coupon insert Sunday paper I can always buy an extra paper for $1.50. That is a small cost when coupons are saving me over $100 or more each week.

I am also learning lots about Register Rewards, Easy Saver Rebates, Single Check Rebates and Catalina's.

I also find myself with lots of coupons we won't/don't use. Two of my sisters are swapping coupons with me that we have extras of, but I'm thinking of a more organized way to do that. I just read about a coupon "train" and it sounds interesting.

Leave me a comment if you are interested in hearing more about coupon saving shopping, if you are already doing this and how you like it, and if you are interested in a coupon train (you need to already be doing coupon shopping and clipping the Sunday newspaper inserts each week).

I hope to make a post full of great links for everyone to explore; from the beginners basics, to online grocery coupon printing sites (yes, these are totally legal and the grocery stores take them), freebie sites, and MORE!

Happy March!


MamaK said...


I have recently been on the same road you're on...I go to Sam's Club for now, but I created a master price list as well. That way, when something is on sale at Safeway, I can compare it to my Sam's price, and it's often much cheaper. I can't believe how I just assumed that the warehouse would be less expensive across the board without thinking about it.

I hope you continue to have fun with it. I'll check back for some inspiration, because I got a bit burned out on clipping coupons. Plus, here in my area, we don't have anywhere that offers all of those other cool saving options: I can only clip coupons and use them at the grocery store - no Catalinas or anything like that. (And what are Safeway doubler coupons?!?! Am I missing something there?!)

Bless you. I hope you continue to get answers to what ails'ya.


Lisa said...

I have been checking in on this website as of late and if you have a CVS close by you will enjoy how she shows how you can save there and also at Walgreens. I would enjoy more info on coupon shopping, I haven't 'gotten into' that so much, we do have an ALDI close and if you don't need brand name that is where I do my first shopping and what I don't get there since they don't have a large variety then I go elsewhere. Thanks I look forward to more info

Anonymous said...

If you see your newspaper carrier ask him/her for extra coupon inserts. My brother in law works for the newspaper and I am happy to say I can get as many coupon inserts as I want. Also if your area has a recycle center check there for coupon inserts. They are always happy to let you have them.
I have a day care full of children, 2 grandchildren who live here with me and 4 dogs. So I too use all the coupons I can get.
Sure hope you are feeling better soon. There is a Pyrex Outlet here in Round Rock and they do still sell the cookware you are looking for. Is there a pot you need or want that you can not find? I will be happy to look there to see if they have it for you.
Take care. May God bless. Roxie

Mom of twelve said...

I love too! Sadly, I don't have a CVS in our state or any nearby state for that matter! Have to do with some of the great deals that Walgreen's has from time to time. No Aldi either.

Thanks for the tip to check out the Pyrex Outlet. Do you mean the Corning-Revere outlet? There is one of those about 30 min. away, so I could check there.


Anonymous said...

Jerri - I am totally interested in learning about your coupon shopping! I've been getting the Sunday paper for this very reason but haven't saved too much. Then again I find I don't go through it all b/c if I leave the room to answer the phone or nurse the baby the kids find it SO fun to go through themselves! lol So I end up never taking it out for fear I'll forget and leave it down haha! But I am motivated to learn the secrets you've found I know there's lots of money to be saved!

Kristen Bradley

Sarah Schreffler said...

MamaK: I too have noticed the lack of real good coupon options around here. Costco is not great on meat or pop. Their milk is often the cheapest though (And I love the shape). And Jif Peanut Butter we go through faster than I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

And for now, formula. (yes, yes, I know breastmilk is cheaper. I tried. I pump now to get him as much as I can but it didn't work out for us)

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