January 13, 2008

Health Update

Several of you have asked about my health and mentioned that you are still praying for me. THANK YOU! I so appreciate your prayers. For now, I am better, but not 100%. What that means is I am back to being able to do most of the things I used to do, with a few bads days here and there that I have no energy and get a bit dizzy again. My jaw has also started acting up again, so I am back in physical therapy too.

There are still some tests coming up this month to explore what is going on inside of me. One is coming up this week for a specialized test to see if there is any low level infection in my jawbone. A low level, ongoing infection can certainly drain the body and harm the immune system. We will be traveling to the state north of us, about 4.5 hours, from home for this appt.

The following week I will be having an upper and lower endoscopy to see if there is anything amiss since I had several bacterial infections in my gut. Though I will be sedated for this, the day before it you have to do a serious cleanse that is sure to be less than fun. =)

My doctor also tested me for heavy metals and I came back off the chart for, of all things, aluminum. Chelation therapy, which we already started, will help with this. I also have to try to remove as much environmental exposure as possible. Okay, so maybe I'm the last person on the planet to stop using anti-persperent (it has aluminum in it)? You know, for women, there aren't many choice of just "deodorant" on the market. I found one by Tom's of Maine. Next, most of my pots and pans are aluminum. **groan** So, now I am trying to figure out what to replace them with. Stainless steel? Cast iron? If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them! I'm leaning toward cast iron, at least for skillets,(though I am apprehensive over their weight, as I have weak muscles with this "illness"), but what am I going to replace my 8 qt. pot that I cook nearly every day in?

So, this is where I am right now. Some days I get discouraged. The Lord is so good to see that on those days someone sends me an email or a blog comment or a note in the mail that encourages me!

I so appreciate your prayers for me, my family and for my doctors to have wisdom.


Meg said...

Glad to hear your health is a bit improved! You have certainly been in my prayers and thoughts.

Cast iron? I LOVE my cast iron pans. I have 2 skillets and a "cauldron" that I use daily. They are heavy, and as a concession to that weight I store them on or near the stove top. Care of cast iron is much easier than I had believed and no problem at all once you get them seasoned really well. If you can find old cast iron skillets at Goodwill, they often have a better surface than the new ones. For some reason the news ones have a pebbled texture in the bottom of the pan which keeps you from getting a really great non-stick surface. This texture can be sanded out somewhat using a power sander, but that is time consuming and labor intensive. Used cast iron is best if you put it through the self-clean cycle in your oven. This burns off the old finish and lets you start from scratch. Rub the whole thing down with oil or shortening and bake inverted in a 250 oven overnight. Hand wash, soap is fine, dry on the stove or in the oven. I rub the inside of my pans with oil every couple of uses and then heat them on the stove to set the finish.

Long answer, hope it helps...

Brandy said...

I don't usually comment, but I thought maybe this might help. Our son is very sensitive to metals, and we have found that stainless is the least leaching (meaning less gets into the food). Iron, though, can't be beat for a frying pan in terms of performance.

Deodorant: my sister-in-law uses nonaluminum and swears by something called Thai Crystal which is available at Whole Foods, I think.

Sunydazy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've not been well. I've been taking a bit of a blogging break and have gotten behind reading posts. The pictures of the wedding are gorgeous, BTW!
I love my cast iron pans! I mean really love them!:-) I also have a set of stainless ones. I think that is the best way...have some of each.

Another question...perhaps you've already explored this?
But I remember when you were doing your low carb diet...did you ever consume a lot of artificial sweetener?
We have a friend whose doctor said he's seen several cases of limb numbness and weakness and other health issues related to the sweeteners. He simply suggested our friend stop drinking diet cokes or anything with fake sweeteners.
This may not be helpful info to you at all. If not I apologize for writing so much. But...I would feel wrong not mentioning it, just in case it does help in some way.
Signing off now,
A mother who has been greatly encouraged by you and your blog. Get well soon!

Roberta said...

Hi Jerri :)

I love my Revereware...stainless steel. Got it as a wedding gift and it looks beautiful and works great. I can't seem to do the cast iron well..Megan had a good way for the finish (Hi Meg) maybe I'll try that.

For deodorant I like the Crystal stick, or one comparable. They last forever.

I was going to email you but since it was mentioned, I also had wondered if the Splenda could be a culprit it your illness. I used it very briefly and my arms went numb and my wrists felt broken. It was very weird, and I read of many other side effects people experienced on online forums. Someone at my chiropractor said her husband started to use splenda, sunk into deep depression and quickly came out if it when he stopped using it.
I'm sure you have explored so many possibilities, but wanted to mention this just in case.

I'll keep praying for you.
Love and hugs, Roberta

MamaK said...

Must jump in!

FIRST!! If you're coming up MY way, please feel welcomed to our home for a resting point (well...that is, if you haven't already had your appointment and arrived home again!). Even if you don't need that, (again, if you still haven't left yet!) I can meet you somewhere just to hug and say hello!

Secondly...LOVE my cast iron. Once I got the hang of them, I tossed all of my aluminum, and would never go back. I love, love, love my skillets. I also have a huge (think: large family!) 14" skillet that's about 3" deep - it's huge and wonderful!

Thirdly...Yep, I love my Revereware, too. Also (Roberta: we need to check into our genetics..really, I insist!) a wedding present, and they do last forever.

Finally...I have for years laid foil down on my baking sheets to help in cleanup when I roast chicken, meatloaf...whatever. NOW, I lay the foil and put parchment paper over it...it's non-stick, and non-aluminum. I don't worry about the chemical seepage anymore.

BLESS YOU!!! Comfort, comfort.

Homemanager said...

I hope you don't mind another vote for a combination of pans. I too have a couple of cast iron fry pans and a set of Revereware. The Revereware is nice and light, I even have a tea pot. They are all stainless steel. I also found stainless steel baking sheets. They clean up really well.
I will pray that the Lord give wisdom to you.
Karen (from NY)

Kim said...

I am very sorry to hear of your illness!

Most of my pans are stainless. I find pieces and parts on Amazon for really good prices. Cuisinart often has deals there and sometimes Calphanon (sp?).

Steph Garvey said...

I'm sorry your health is not well!

I noticed that Lindsay Edmonds makes her own natural deodorant and has a post on it. Maybe it would be something you could try?


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