August 16, 2007

Where do all those peaches come from?

Gleanings For The Hungry was founded in 1982 by Wally and Norma Wenge, who after having spent time in Thailand on outreach with YWAM , saw the need for fruit there. They remembered all the fruit that goes to waste in the San Joaquin Valley, and the idea of Gleanings was birthed. Cull (fruit that can't be sold because its too small, has a split pit, or a mark on the skin) peaches and nectarines are donated by fruit packers in the area. The fruit is run through a processing line where it is washed, sorted, pitted, and put on trays. It is then sulfured for 4 hours to preserve the color, sun-dried out in the field, then packed into 4 gallon plastic buckets to send to the world's hungry.

Gleanings for the Hungry is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an interdenominational Christian organization serving in over one hundred nations. Gleanings' mission is to help feed the hungry spiritually and physically.

We process nectarines and peaches sun drying them to preserve the fruit. In addition, we produce a very nutritious dried soup mix by blending vegetables, spices, a soy protein, and packaging it in quart or gallon bags. Other nutritious shelf stable food products are donated by many generous companies which allows us to provide for many more of "the least of these our brothers."

We partner with many Christian ministries to distribute the dried fruit, vegetable soup mix, raisins, power bars, baby food, beans, nutritious drinks, vitamins, and many other food products to the hungry of the world ---- meeting not only their physical needs, but their spiritual needs as well.

The fruit is distributed by missionary organizations or Church groups to make sure it gets to the needy and there is opportunity to evangelize.


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