August 16, 2007

What God has been teaching me

I came to Gleanings last week wanting to serve in the work going on here in some way, as well as caring for my five youngest children who cannot help in the work going on here. I knew I would be covering the “home front”, cooking meals, keeping the house and laundry clean, and homeschooling. Since it is peach season, I had hoped to work somehow in the peach processing work. Yet, when I had a chance to do some cup-up in the field one afternoon, the thought that came to mind was how easy ,mentally, the work was. Yes, it was a bit hard physically to do several hours of cup-up(oy, my thighs after all that squatting!), but mentally it was very peaceful. I could think and pray over the peaches. (The children were at the playground playing, mind you) It was so peaceful.

God then said to me, “Yes, this work, that you were thinking was SO important, so much so that you were feeling bad, useless and unhelpful if you were NOT actively participating in some way, is EASIER; the work I have you doing at home, raising, training, disciplining and homeschooling your children, is indeed much HARDER work. BUT, it is work just as important as the work going on here, at Gleanings!”

In this light it would be “easier” for me to put aside the work God has given me at home with my children to “feel better” by serving in this ministry, or any other (Sunday School, VBS, Women’s Bible Study, you name it!). The enemy wants me to feel inadequate, unproductive, ineffective, discouraged and DISCONTENT over what God has given me as my mission field during this season of my life.

I fall for this trap so easily! It hits me where I am weak. It seems to be a reoccurring attack, even years apart, just with a new “face” each time. Still, it is the same basic issue: In what “field” is it that I am to serve God? Where is it that I can truly be most effective for Him and for the Gospel? It has little to nothing to do with my gifts and nothing to do with my own (selfish) desires. God will supply all I need to complete any task He sets before me! It has nothing to do with my perceptions or circumstances: the father of lies works continually to disguise the Truth.

Press on Mothers. You are exactly where God wants you to be. Don't look for greener grass elsewhere or think in your heart that there is any other ministry or service you could be doing for your Lord that is more important than what you are already doing.


Kimm said...

Thanks Jeri,
I really needed to hear that today.

jeewbee said...

Wow! Thanks! Good to hear.

Roberta said...

Catching up with you. Great message and a reminder that is good to hear now and again. I forget a Mother's call is hard work and can get easily discouraged for not feeling as though I am doing it very well. God is good.

Amazing the amount of fruit spread out there. I have a question...Are there flies? If the fruit sits out for a week do flies bother it? Maybe the sulfering process might prevent that, maybe?

Gail said...

Thanks Jerri. I am so blessed to know that when we go to Mexico, a mother's job at home is of utmost importance to the ministry leaders there. It is so easy for me also to get caught up in the "ministry" things because there is a pat on the back with it. There aren't a lot of pats on the back in our jobs as mothers but the reward will come in eternity. I have been rethinking some of my "ministry" areas recently and need to devote more prayer to what I am supposed to be involved in. May we all be encouraged to seek where God would have us minister if it is out of the home at all. Blessings.

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