February 16, 2007

The Modesty Survey

If you haven't heard of The Rebelution* yet, you should check them out. But, more to the topic of this post is the recent Modesty Survey results. Let me tell ya, this isn't just for teen girls to read, moms. I found not only some of the questions to be very thought provoking, but some of the answers too! Here, I thought being married for over 23 years that I KNEW how men think. Let's just say, never too old to learn a thing or two! Be sure to understand this isn't a legalistic list of what is modest and what isn't. It is very informative to see how the men who did the survey voted and to read the comments some of them left.

Love to hear your feedback after you read this. What did you learn?

*In case you need a reference for who these guys are, I know them, know their parents, and three of my kids take piano, drums and guitar lessons from one of their older brothers. So, I can say they are "OK".


Anonymous said...

WOW! Though I believe we are training our girls to be modest in dress, it seems we are missing some key areas in posture/behavior. Very eye opening to read the comments!

It is good to know that for most, it is the INTENT of the apparel. So we will continue teaching the girls WHY we make the choices we do.

Thanks for posting the link!

- Katie (COMamabear, forgot my password!)

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