February 16, 2007

In case you were wondering

After reading this (go ahead and read it first, please) I have decided to make my family blog by invitation only. This is because I do want to share pics of my family and use their real names without worrying about sicko's and identity theft. I did send out invitations to people I have email addresses for, but realize there are some of you I would like to invite that I don't have email addresses for. So, if you enjoyed reading my family blog and want to still be able to get to it, send me your email address and I'll add you (unless I don't know you and therefore I probably won't add you - if you have ever posted a comment I'll probably add you - also if you have your own blog that I can check out I will probably add you). My email address is in the right hand column.

Updated to add: I am not changing the access to this blog. The blog I have made invitation only is my family blog, The Delightful Dozen. So, if you enjoy reading this blog, Trophy's of God's Grace, rest assured, you will still be able to access it.


Sunydazy said...

Are you referring to this blog? Because you have been such a blessing to me...the ideas you share really help me. I just found your blog a few weeks or so ago...I'd love to be added if that's ok. Check out my blog and let me know. Thanks!

Mom of twelve said...

Sorry this has been confusing. I am not closing my Trophy's blog, but my family blog. I used to have a link to my family blog on the Trophy's blog, so wanted to clarify why it was gone and/or why folks who had previously visited both blogs could no longer get to the one without an invitation. So,you are fine and will still be able to get into the Trophy's blog.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

How do I go about emailing you? I'm not finding a contact method. I've been enjoying your regular blog and would love to have access. Unfortunately, I had to change my email address (create a new google account) when they forced me to "Blogger Beta"

Mom of twelve said...

If you look in the right hand sidebar scroll down to "links". The very first one is a link to my email address. =)

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