July 13, 2006

Recommendations to share!

Here are some of my favorite items I have purchased in the last year:

Bravo to MamaK for recommending Signing Time! My kids LOVE it! And, they are learning soooo much!

Someone else recommended the Leap Frop DVD's, sorry, can't remember who, but they have been awesome! My little ones have learned all the letters and sounds so quickly and easily! We had been watching the purple dinosaur video's for too many years, and the kids knew all the songs, but they weren't learning anything worthwhile.

Best marriage book we have ever read is Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. I got the book on CD for my husband so he could "listen" to the book while communting to and from work and I got the hardbound for me. It is the most awesome, helpful book we have ever read on marriage. Debbi Pearl's book, Created To Be His Helpmeet, is my second favorite, but it is written to women, not couples. Love and Respect is so practical and eye opening! This book will make bad marriages better and good marriages great! Okay, it isn't a magic pill, you will still have to work at your marriage, but you'll have the information you need, and understand why your spouse reacts the way he/she does at times. Reading this book is the best investment you can make for your marriage!

If you use the links I have supplied to make a purchase I will earn a few pennies toward a Amazon gift certificate (which also make great gifts!). Amazon also has free shipping for any purchases over $25 (on most items). I love being able to shop at home and not have to pay for shipping!

If anyone wants any other book/DVD/etc. recommendations let me know in the comment box.


Jenny W said...

Thanks Jer! I just added the Leap Frog Letter DVD to our rental queue so we can watch it on our drive up north next week. Will undoubtly buy it but I was worried it wouldn't arrive before we left and we need some "new blood" in our video collection. Hoping it will help with letter sounds since Sam has a several letters we've been working on because he says them incorrectly (and hence, no one can understand him, poor guy). He gets frustrated when I correct him every time so I don't do it repeatedly - but enough that he gets practice trying to say it correctly. Hopefully this DVD will help him correct himself so I he doesn't get as frustrated. Thanks!
p.s. should've been driving today. . . sniff, sniff. I keep torturing myself with that thought today! =0(

Meg said...

Hurray! Nice to see another post.

For years we were no tv/ no videos. Slowly the videos have crept back in and, I have to say, with toddlers in the house they are very helpful. *grin* Thanks for the recommendations. We'll check them out.

Roberta said...

Today makes more sense! Yesterday I was reading "Signing Time Videos" and seeing "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" lol! I like the free shipping too!

momanna98 said...

We love signing time, too! LOVE LOVE IT!

The Davenport Dozen said...

Okay, fixed those funky links. I'm may be new to this kind of thing, but when it says it is building you a link for a certain product and then they add to it or take it away depending on when someone goes to my blog, that is down right frustrating!

Thanks for being patient!

Toddlers overwhelming the parent who is trying to homeschool all the other children - totally know where you are coming from! LOL!


My Boaz's Ruth said...

I second, thrice, and quadruple Love & respect!

We covered that in our Newly Marrieds class, and ever since I've been recommending it to just everyone It has helped me SO much understand better why my husband is different than I am.

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