June 19, 2006

Time and No Time

Just a quick note to let those of you who graciously stop by to see if I have posted anything new know that I am still alive. Alive and busy. I am obviously not doing anymore "Find a new home for it Fridays" - time just does not allow, though it was fun to try. Don't anyone get your feelings hurt, but I am going to delete those posts in order to clean up my blog some, getting back into focus why I started this blog and then staying focused, Lord willing. I also do not plan to add more on Chores For Little People at this time. Seems like when I was in the midst or writing about this topic MANY other great bloggers were doing the same! I would direct anyone with more questions to Managers of Their Chores at Titus2. It is great! I haven't read the WHOLE book yet, but what I have read is very helpful and gives lots of ideas for chores for all age groups. Don't expect anything too soon, but I have started writing up a post that will explain better what I have been doing and thinking lately in regards to being a "keeper" of my home and the use of my time and better uses of my time. Hope you'll hang in there and keep checking back to see what I have to share.
Summertime Blessings,


Jenni said...

That's great Jerri, I think we are all a little extra busy right now or at least spending more time outside and less on the computer (which isn't such a bad thing!:)

Gail said...

I will second you on the Managers of Their Chores. I am about half way through the book and I have never read a book on chores that has been as helpful in planning a chore system for my children. I am trying to be good and do what they say in the beginning...read all the book before starting the system. I have read many things that have made me glad that I didn't start first. I hope to have the book read by the time I get back from New Hampshire so that I can begin assigning chores before school starts.

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