January 24, 2009

Meeting new friends

This is an easy post, since Mrs. Darling did all the writing and took the pictures. Go here to read all about it.

It was great to meet you both, my new, blogging friends! My children have been asking since the door closed behind you Friday "when are they coming back to play?" and are very disappointed we don't have something already scheduled! lol.

In other news, I've been busy getting back into the school day routine here. It is finally feeling like life is getting back to something resembling "normal". Liam is doing well, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping... etc.

I would love to get back to blogging more regularly... but after so much time blogging only about things related to my pregnancy last year, I'm kind of brain dead about where to go from here. Can you help me out? What would you like me to write about? Do you have any questions for this mom of thirteen? Please leave your suggestions and questions in the comments area.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Darling said...

Yes we will indeed have to set another date. That was lovely!

Runningamuck said...

How fun!! And funny how you gals have managed to all link up... coinkidink? I think not. =0)

Taylor and Kristen said...

Liam is getting so big, he's a very handsome lil' man!
I was going to say can you blog about laundry but you have done that already! :) (Which is very helpful!)
I love reading all your blogs on organizing and cleaning. They are so very helpful.
How about grocery related things? How to your budget/plan for a family of 12? How do you stick to your budget? Do you use coupons or just sales? Or neitehr, just shop wherver is closest?? How long does it take to plan? Shop? Cook most your meals? I need lunch ideas, that one is hard for me. How about easy dinner ideas for large families? Or yummy ideas on a budget for large families even if they aren't easy? :)

Sarah Schreffler said...

Toys! What toys do your kids play with.

Vanderpolclan said...

I would love to hear how you organize the shoes/boots they wear daily. Also, do you teach them all at once, and could you share your schedule? We have 8 children ages 12 - 1, so I could use your wisdom on how you do it.

I am so happy for you that Liam is doing so well. He looks great! Very alert!

Thanks so much.
Cindy in Canada

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