October 29, 2008


I'm sorry for not updating sooner. Actually I haven't talked to Jerri today so I'm not sure what the current info even is. But I will pass along what I do know.

Liam is still in the NICU, struggling with his lungs. He is still on the CPAP with forced air but no additional oxygen has been necessary. The nurses were able to feed him (via a tube to his tummy) some of Jer's colostrum that she had pumped and his tummy handled that well. However, when they tried formula (since Jerri was struggling to pump anything since her milk hadn't come in yet), it simply sat in his stomach, undigested. So please pray that Jerri's milk will come in quick and strong! A tidal wave would be nice. (Just kidding Jer!)

When I spoke to Jerri on Monday she had managed to get some sleep the night before thanks to some better drugs. I'm hoping that her sleep has only gotten better since then. It is rumored that she might be coming home today. I'll be calling her later to find out for sure.

She hasn't been able to access the Internet in her room at the hospital... that's why you've been stuck with me. That also means none of your comments have been approved for posting. Sorry! I tried to get the blog to let me but it only wants Jerri. Keep the comments coming though, she'll love reading all of them when she and the Internet have been reunited. She knows you are all praying for her and Liam and she's very thankful.

Please pray for her milk supply to be what it should be for Liam. For Liam's lungs to adjust quickly and that he can come home soon. For Jerri and Dave that they will be able to easily coordinate getting to and from the hospital after she's discharged. And of course that Jerri's c-section would heal quickly and easily also.

Thank you for your prayers. I'll update again when Jerri and I connect...unless she beats me and gets here first.


Brian Vroom said...

We have been following your blog and have of course been praying for Liam and you. Our prayer board is being updated at the office with the great news of Liam's entrance into this world! We will continue to pray that his lungs and little tummy start getting in line with God's design for him, and that you, Jerri, have a quick recovery so you can enjoy your newest blessing. Michelle is experiencing stomach somersaults all day from her baby, Sadie,and wondering at the grace you have had that resulted in all your wonderful children. And the rest of us are thinking of you and your family and will continue to pray.

God Bless you and increase your blessings daily,

Brian Vroom (and friends here at ACC)

Meg said...

Thank you so much for an update! No one wants to bug the sleepy new mama for info...

We are praying daily for Liam!

Jenni said...

Will keep you in our prayers Jerri and baby Liam! Thanks for the update Jenny :) You and baby have definitely been in our thoughts and prayers this week. Lord please make this a smooth transition and help baby Liam to mature quickly and miraculously, and please cause Jerri's body to do what it's supposed to do even through her healing process. Let Your name be glorified in all this, AMEN. Blessings to you and all your family Jerri! Soon and very soon life will be back to "normal" :)

Homemanager said...

Thank you for updating Jenny! Congratulations to you too, on the birth of another beautiful nephew! :-)
Even though you have been on bed rest for a bit and you are probably "chopping at the bit" to get back to everything, be sure that you allow your body to heal well. You don't want any set backs and you don't want to regret moving too soon. Praying that joy will be your strength and will keep you from discouragement.
Allow your family to bless you (a little longer)and enjoy your little Liam.
The news about Liam not needing the oxygen is great news. That means he is progressing well.
Will be praying about the milk production for you.

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