October 25, 2008

News Bulletin...

It's Jenny again. =0)

As I understand it, for the last 24 hrs Jerri has been having an incredible amount of stomach pain and taking strong narcotics to keep it barely under control. Most of you know her stomach has been a battle almost the entire pregnancy. The doctors decided this morning that since her stomach condition wasn't getting better that they preferred to go ahead and deliver Liam today isn't of giving him two more days of Jerri's pain meds. This way there will be less in his system that he has to deal with that might exacerbate any other issues he might have. They were going to take her in a couple hours which I assumed to mean 1pm.

So he should be here now! Praise the Lord! Still waiting to hear the news and will update you when I do. Please be praying, I know it's a little late but God knows the desires of our hearts even before we do. "Post" prayers still count!

I had waited to update you all because I wasn't sure if Jerri would be coming on here herself to do it. We didn't think to discuss it during our brief conversation and I didn't want to bother her by calling her back after I thought about it. So I apologize but I didn't want to jump the gun and steal her thunder.

Stay tuned....


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