October 20, 2008

Amnio Results

Hi everyone, it's Jer's sister, Jenny.

The amnio went well today. Liam is doing well but his lungs are not quite "done" so the doctors have decided to wait another week. His lungs are close enough to be ready that they won't repeat the amnio, they'll just schedule the c-section. Jerri doesn't have a date or time yet but she'll be sure to pass along the info when she does.

Keep her in your prayers, especially tonight and the next couple days. It's difficult to adjust to having another week of hospital bedrest when you thought the end might be in sight. Well, it's still in sight, just pushed a little out of reach.


Jenni said...

Oh Jerri, I feel for you! I can only imagine how hard all this bed rest and waiting must be for the old "flesh" I pray that God will give you an amazing perspective this coming week and that you will be able to rejoice in Him the rest of these days in the hospital. I'm right there with you! I've got about a week and a half to go until my due date, my legs and ankles don't appear to be able to get any larger before they explode! I think I might be getting stretch marks on my ankles! Bless you Jerri, soon, very soon!

Homemanager said...

I'm praying Jerri!
There must be a good reason for the Lord to have you wait. :-) Maybe to interact with someone at the hospital for His glory...He has perfect timing!
So glad that you have been able to carry this long! The Lord is so good!

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