October 13, 2008

35 weeks

We have made it to 35 weeks! Yeah! Below are the only baby bump type pics I have. We had a birthday party for our daughter, Emma, in my hospital room last night. Everything has stayed quiet in the placenta previa realm, praise the Lord! The plan is to do an amnio on Monday of next week, when I "turn" 36 weeks and if the lungs pass the test and are mature, schedule the c-section for the next day.

Lord willing the next post on here will be baby news! Praying for another week of no complications and for those lungs to be ready!


Jenni said...

Yeah Jerri, after many weeks and many prayers you've almost made it! What a joy to think that all this bed rest could end in another week, or at least the bed rest from the previa, then just the recovery from c-section and you will be a whole new woman, with a sweet little babe in arms! Cant wait to see pictures of the new little man, you look great Jerri! Congratulations, many blessings to you in these coming last days of waiting!

Baleboosteh said...

This is tremendous news! Just another week! We will continue to pray that these final days go past quickly and uneventfully.

Jenny said...

I love how pregnant you look! You really do look great. Good to see Liam is growing so well. Will be praying for healthy lungs on Monday and a fabulous, safe delivery on Tuesday. I think Oct 21st is a great day to be born. Hopefully I won't be stuck on Jury Duty and miss THE call! =0(

Karen said...

What great pictures!!

Your room is HUGE!! WOW! Fits the whole fam - and that's gotta be hard!

Bless you, bless you with good news next week!!!!!


Kirby said...

Yeah for 35 weeks!!! I'll be praying for mature lungs!!

julie said...

What a blessing for your family. Can't wait to hear baby news!!!

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

You are a beautiful mother of 12! Amazing!!!
God Bless!!

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