September 20, 2008

Name game

A few of you commented that you'd like to help us with our "name this baby" problem. Sounds like it could be fun, and amusing. As I have already mentioned today, amusing me is very helpful, even therapeutic, during this long season of bed rest.

Yet, I wonder if you fully understand what you are getting yourselves into? You see, not only have we already used 14 boy names (first and middle names) that we COULD agree on, but we also have RULES.

Yes, we have had name rules since our first was born. Here they are:

1. First name must have more than one syllable.
2. Middle name must be a family name (someone's first or middle name from either of our families).
3. This one is more of a guideline than a true "rule": We usually use more traditional/classic type names. (this one is starting to sound like a home design show.... oh I do love to watch HGTV when I'm in the *hospital!)
4. Prefer biblical names for the first name, but again, more of a guideline, as we haven't stuck to this one each time.

You probably can't begin without knowing what names we have already used, right? So, in alphabetical order, here are the 14 boy names we have used:
Adam, Austin, Bryce, Christopher, Daniel, David, Geoffrey, Isaac, James, John, Joseph, Joshua, Patrick, Paul.

Now, lets also look at the family names that we are thinking of using as a middle name this time around, and there aren't many left, believe me!

The ONE first name hubby likes and seems to not want to budge from, at least right now, is Liam. To be honest, I was okay with this name several months ago. But, the longer I thought about it the more it just didn't seem to fit with rule #3. Don't get me wrong, it is a fine name, just a bit more "trendy" than we usually go with.

Here are the names I am thinking about:
Andrew (Jesse)
Jacob (Emerson)
Elijah (Jesse)

Are you totally confused yet? Do you see why this is so hard? Argh!

Oh, and while we are at it, scratch the names Dustin, Travis, Benjamin, Samuel, Ethan, Micah and Owen off this list of possible first names. Already been used amongst cousins.

If you haven't already clicked over to watch HGTV online, instead of reading all this post, and I don't blame you, and you have some name suggestions, BRING THEM ON! I mean, leave your suggestions in the comments section please.

* We don't have broadcast or cable TV at home... just use it to watch DVD's.


Gail said...

Okay, I'll jump in. What about Jason? It is a Bible name found in Acts 17 and in Romans 16. Since you probably wouldn't want two "J" names I guess it would be Jason Emerson.

Kristin said...

First of all, let me just say that I love your rules! I love Jacob Emerson, but I am showing a bit of serious bias since my second son's middle name is Jacob (also my grandfather's middle name -- we have the same rule #2) and, as an American literature teacher, I love Emerson (as in Ralph Waldo).

Have you ever tried the site ? It is a name generator. You type in names you like, and it generates a list of other names you will probably like based on your preferences. I found it to be really fun!

And P.S., that was really thoughtful of you to try to find a bed canopy for me. Thanks! :)

Mom of twelve said...

That name generator is pretty cool! Thanks for mentioning it!


Runningamuck said...

We have the same rules, except for #1, althought we have followed it with each of our names. Micah is feeling sad that he's not on your list of "used" names... =0) Just teasing.

I like Jacob Emerson but feel like I'm betraying our "side" of the family by not going with Jesse. I LOVE the name and it's nice because it's not a trendy one... yet. I'll have to think of more combos that might work with Jesse... =0)

Love ya.

momanna98 said...

I like Elijah. How about Noah?

Roberta said...

Hmmm...I see why this is a toughy.

I like the name Elijah, but would pair it with Emerson. Elijah Emerson. I like the way it sounds. Jacob is nice too, it is probably a little more traditional. I like Gabriel Emerson too.

Other suggestions:
Obadiah Emerson
Hezekiah Jesse
Habakkuk Emerson
Mordecai Jesse
just trying to amuse you! ;))

Karen said...

We're going through Judges as a family right now - I just noodled "Micaiah" (assuming it rhymes with Isaiah) - and really liked it. Micaiah Jesse would be nice!

Other biblical names could be Aaron, Timothy, and Peter...One of our sons we named Jaron, which is Hebrew for "He will sing and cry out".

Blessings on finding a name...we're not sharing until we get really, really close what we're naming our little guy! :-) I'm sure you'll come up with something!

(And Roberta - you made ME smile!)

Homemanager said...

Okay, I'll throw in another about Joel Emerson...:-)

Christa said...

I never thought I'd "meet" someone with almost as many rules as us! I prefer to think of them as "standards," but whatever! ;) What about Lucas (Luke) Emerson? Or Simon? Or Gabriel?! ;)

Although I like Andrew, too, since that's my firstborn's name and, in the Bible, Andrew took his brother to meet Jesus! Just what we hope our Andy does. :)

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