September 24, 2008

9/24 update

Just a quick note to say things are stable. Hubby brought the kids to see me yesterday. Pardon the totally unflattering pic of me. I don't think anyone can make a hospital gown look good, especially while lying down in bed. lol. And, bed head, argh!

Thank you all for your prayers for me, baby and hubby and kids at home. This isn't easy, but God is getting us through each day. Small prayers, like having a great nurse for the day, to bigger ones like having a great perinatologist as my doctor yesterday. Several people came to visit me yesterday and that encouraged and humbled me.

Even things like getting a better bed and an egg crate mattress on top of it... a "write in" list of things that can be put on the daily menu order (for when nothing on the printed list looks any good), all have blessed me the last two days. And, all your comments and suggestions to "amuse" me bless me too!

I still don't know how long I will be here. My OB gets back from vacation tomorrow, so I hope he will call or come by and he will then be in the "loop" again and we'll start getting some of these questions answered. Until then, things staying calm, baby continuing to do well, are all wonderful. One day at a time...


Martie said...

You continue to be in my prayers. So thankful that the baby is still in there and growing. You look great in your picture surrounded by your other little ones!! It is wonderful to see that you are counting your blessings - inspite of the situation. God is still on the throne!!


Julie Allen said...

I'm sure that you were thrilled to see your kids and that they were equally as thrilled to get to see you! Hurray that your doctor is back from vacation soon and will be able to check in on you. That must be comforting!! Praying continually!!

Homemanager said...

So glad to hear that you are stable, Jerri. Will be praying for wisdom for your doctor and for those who are caring for you right now.

Even though you "feel" yucky with the bed head and all, you look great! So glad that your family is there and able to bless you in their own special way.

It is evident that the Lord is directing your path and He is caring for you and the baby.

Blessings and Prayers,

Roberta said...

The pic of our is great! You look wonderful, and I don't just mean "concerning the circumstances".
Looking at the top pic I though "Wow! I've known you long enough to have seen all 3 of these beautiful girls as babies" and then realized the twins were brand new when we very first met.
Praying for you and baby boy D. ;)

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