September 9, 2008

30 weeks

You probably all noticed how I didn't post last week, week 29. To say it was not a great week is, well, somewhere in the ball park of being accurate. I'll try to briefly recap:

* Last Monday night my 13 y.o. son fainted in the kitchen and on his way DOWN hit his head very solidly on the edge of the kitchen island. Off to the ER with my hubby. Son had a concussion and needed 5 staples to close the hole in the back of his head. A tad stressful for all of us.

* Last Tuesday I went for my ultrasound and OB appt. Ultrasound was good, baby is good, if not great: He measured 2 weeks "ahead" on skeletal measurements and estimated at weighing 3 lbs. 6 oz. Yeah! Only a little bit of cervical change... another big yeah! BUT, my urine showed I was dehydrated again/still. So, hubby had to take me to the hospital for another round of 2000 ml's of hydration.

In the meantime, I asked my OB if I could PLEASE have in-home health care and so have my hydration done at home, so I wouldn't have to be away from my family every week for a day (my dehydration issue isn't going to go away before the baby is born it would appear - my stomach is in so much pain and I have such severe nausea if I eat AND try to drink , even with a whole slew of meds they have me on to try to combat it, that giving my stomach a break so I can be somewhat comfortable would be best, and daily hydration at home the best option of all). Home health care was set up, only in order to have daily infusion therapy the patient has to have a PICC Line put in.

* Last Friday I went in to have the PICC Line put in. It went pretty well, with only one wrong turn (in my vein that is) and only one serious bought of feeling like I was going to pass out or throw up while it was being put in. Don't want to do this again anytime soon, but if this line will last, I won't have to be poked again, even for my c-section. This line serves it all, even blood draws and IV mediation needs. Yippee! (if you could see my arm from last weeks "regular" IV, the huge bruises and the pain I had from it, you'd understand why a PICC Line is such a blessing for me)

* Last Saturday the home health care nurse came out and taught me how to start and stop and clean and everything my own infusion therapy. Yup. I have a frig full of IV bags, a little battery operated pump and tons of sterile packs of tubing and such. My infusion takes 4 hours to run, but it is totally protable, so I can go anywhere (technically speaking of course... I am still on bed rest) with it.

* Today, Tuesday the 9th, I had my weekly OB appt and FINALLY I wasn't dehydrated. Woo hoo! So, the infusion therapy is working! Yeah! I am also now in the 30th week, which means I am heading into the most dangerous time for the placenta previa. We discussed with my OB about starting steriod shots in the next could of weeks, as a preventitive measure. I asked my OB what his "gut" feeling was about my previa? He said, of course, previa's are impossible to guess at what they will do, but his "gut" feeling was that I would do okay for another couple of weeks. I'll take that, doc! So, my new goal is reaching 32 weeks without any problems...not that I have ANY control over any of this. It is just a goal.

Notice my belly bump picture? Do you see how far out my stomach is sticking? This baby is doing some serious growing lately, don't you think? I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it is almost 10 weeks till my actual due date (though the c-section will be in about 8 weeks), with as large as I am feeling already! Yikes! God is so good though, because in the beginning of this whole previa thing one of the OB's concerns was the baby possibly not growing well. Praise God, we can scratch that concern off the list!

Thank you Jesus for your mercies each day!


Homemanager said...

Thanks so much for updating! Hope your son is recovering well! Even though you are feeling sore and big, you look wonderful!
Can't wait to see your precious bundle! :-)

Baleboosteh said...

Love the photo! You indeed look wonderful and a really good size. Praise God that the baby is growing well. I'm a needle phobic and having a PICC line put in is one of least favourite things - so I will especially pray that your line holds up and that you won't have to have a 'repeat'.

May the Lord continue to uphold you and your sweet family.

Jenni said...

I'm sorry you've had such a challenging week Jerri! I don't feel so bad about my week :) Cait has hand foot and mouth disease and all the kids have colds, but we didn't have any staples or any ER visits thankfully!

I'm totally with you on the growing thing, I keep thinking, how in the world is my belly going to keep growing, this baby is going to be twice as big by the time he comes out! Yikes, I'm REALLY going to have heartburn then! But soon it will be over, and we will both have sweet little babies. I'm so glad your baby is doing so well, praise the Lord!

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