April 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Most of you have probably noticed some changes to my blog layout. Isn't it bright and cheerful looking? I need that right now. Spring just won't come and "stick" here in Oregon this year for some reason. Woke up to temps in the 30's again today. We are really ready for spring!

This blog makeover isn't done yet, still "under construction", so hang on and check back once in a while to see the changes.

We have been making some changes with how we are using our bedrooms and sleeping the children too. I'll write more about it later, hopefully soon.

If you have spring where you live, enjoy it for me!


Leanne said...

Hi there again!!!

God IS good!

I love your new look on your blog. It's fresh and fun and cute.

I'll be interested to read what kind of changes you implement for your sleeping situations.

It isn't spring here yet, and summer's just around the corner!! I could REALLY use some sun right about now!!

And I'm really happy for you about the pregnancy. It gives me hope too, that God's not done with my womb yet!

Talk to you soon.

Leanne in Longview

Anonymous said...

When are you going to make a new post? :D Want me to tell everyone what the new sleeping arrangements are? ;)

Roberta said...

Your new look is lovely and cheerful!
Congrats again, it looks like you're moving into the second trimester, hope you are feeling well.

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