April 26, 2007

Falling off the face of the earth.....

Contrary to popular belief, I really am still alive. lol. It has been a busy time since I last posted. We did go on our trip to Gleanings For The Hungry, which I will write more about later. We had a fantastic time and highly recommend it as a family friendly mission experience during the spring. (summer time requires participants to be 13+ in age, but the spring work is easy enough for 3-4 year olds to help with!) I think our group had the most children of any group they have ever had: 26 kids and 9 adults!

The day after we got back from that trip (and we spent a few extra days on the way home to visit one of my sisters and her family who were only 4 hours away from Gleanings) our oldest sons girlfriend/fiance' came for a 12 day visit. She lives in Canada and this was our first time to meet her in person. She and my son met at Gleanings where she and her parents served for 6 months.

Just a few days after she left I left for 4 days with my sisters. Between the four of us sisters we live in 3 different and far apart states, so we flew to a more central location, stayed in a Residence Inn hotel (very nice!), scrapbooked, watched movies, talked, went out to dinner each night, and had a fabulous time together!

So, now I am home again, with no immediate plans for anymore travel or house guests on the horizon. lol. Trying to get back to routine (what's that?), back to low carb eating (traveling is a sure kill for that!),have surgery on my jaw (again, but not the same as the huge jaw surgery I had a year ago), finishing up the school year, have a few birthdays to plan and celebrate and graduate our third oldest. And that is just the next 5 weeks!LOL!

I really hope to get back here soon and share more about out time at Gleanings and to share some very exciting things God is doing in our lives that directly relates to Gleanings. Pray for us as we seek to know God's will clearly.


jeewbee said...

I don't know how you have the time for all that you do Jer! :-)

Qtpies7 said...

Jerri, I'm really looking forward to hearing about your time at Gleanings, I think it would be a great activity for our family to do together.

Qtpies7 said...

Jerri, I'm awarding you the Thinking Award for your blog. You make me think about things in a new way, and I really enjoy reading your blog and being challenged.
You can read about it on my blog.

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