February 6, 2007

Love, Sweet Love Edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday

14 Days of Love
Last year our pastors wife shared with the ladies of our church her little February secret. Every year for the past 10 years or so, she and a few of her close friends have been doing something special for their hubbies each of the first 14 days of February to celebrate Valentines Day. She shared lots of fun ideas she has done over the years. Some of those ideas would be impossible for us moms with small children in the house, so I had to get creative with what I could do "in my season".

Some days I put little love notes in his lunch, or a kisses in lipstick on his bathroom mirror put on after he went to bed the night before(on the days he works he gets up way before me). Other days were a special sweet treat (like homemade chocolate covered Spanish peanuts - yum! - or the chocolate covered fortune cookies I found at the store that had "love" fortunes in them). I even found some special pre-made Valentine themed coupons and used one a day, here and there. One was for a bubble bath! Fun!

We were given the suggestion of decorating hubby's car, in hearts and such, but I didn't know how I could do that without him finding out. So instead I decorated his lunch box!
I used scrapbooking and other puffy stickers with love messages, hearts and kisses, etc. and also used a Sharpie marker and wrote all over it! I should note I cleaned it up really good (hey this lunch box is like 20 years old!) before I started, so in these pics you see how it looks a whole year later. He was a little embarrassed at first. It takes a pretty secure man to walk through the Intel campus with this at his side, let me tell ya! But, along with the ribbing he got from his co-workers, he got a lot of " Your wife must really love you!".

Other suggestions: making his favorite meal, writing him a poem, take him on a special date night (or have one at home!), buy him something special, like a CD by his favorite artist, going somewhere HE would want to go (you know, the sporting good store, auto parts store, etc.), rent a bicycle built for two and go on a ride together, etc.

I will admit 14 days in a row got a bit long winded by the time Valentines Day finally arrived. For "my season" I would do maybe 7 days or even the last 3 leading up to Valentines Day. Do what you can, or take some of these suggestions and use them for the Valentines Day.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this again this year, because I didn't want it to get boring for hubby and also wanted to retain the element of surprise for him. Wasn't I surprised on Feb. 1st when he started leaving special notes for me in a different places each morning! Some are just written on our tile counter in the kitchen, left for me to find when I got up in the morning. I was so SURPRISED! How fun! Thanks honey!

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Rae said...

Aww, WONDERFUL ideas! I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing =) Happy Valentine's Day!

Meg said...

How sweet! I don't think Bryan would have braved Intel with that lunch bucket. Dave is a brave man indeed!

Yes, I am up late. Off to a birth soon...


Lines From The Vine said...

These are adorable ideas! Thank you for sharing them!


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Ah, that's such a cool thing to do. That's also really special that he surprised you!!

Jenni said...

Fun ideas Jerri-it's great that he took the lunch box all decked out like that to work with him! A great reminder :) Bless you!

Mom of thirteen said...

And, he is still taking that lunch box with him, every work day now for a year! What a guy!

You know, another thing, and I don't say this to brag or anything and I don't get this done every single work day (but I try!) is that I make his lunch, which actually has made a huge impression on his co-workers. The guys will all lean over his lunch box to see what I've packed for him each day, and sigh with jealousy. Most of the guys lament their wives would never make them a lunch. Pretty sad, isn't it? It really touches our men, ladies, to make them their lunch. Just try it! One of the things the guys would really drool over would be a big sandwich baggie full of strawberries, especially out of season. Sure they are expensive, and I wasn't doing it everyday, but it has a lot of wow power!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some fun ideas!

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