March 17, 2006

And the Winner Is.....

I said I would pick a winner today for the funniest/most unusual place you ever found a sock contest. Easier said than done! They are all such great stories! Many thanks to all of you who were brave enough to share your funny stories!

I have decided to award a tie for first place. Why, because I couldn't choose between these two! The winners are:
Kim C. and the sock in the frig
Anonymous and the sneaky "shoulder pad" sock

Honorable Mention goes to:
MamaK's story of her "friend" who put her own mismatched sock pile into MamaK's without her knowing! Too funny!

You will all have to read through the comments section below the sock story contest to read all the entries. Really, they are all great!

By the way, the picture above is mine. It was staged, really. I just put it in for fun.


MamaK said...

Oh wow...I'm so honored.

And I LOVE the staged picture. I thought, WOW! How did she actually get a picture of that online...what are the chances!? Like, Google Images, "Sock and Fridge" would turn up that or something!

Although it might now! I'm off to go check it out!


ladyofvirtue said...

I'm really glad I found your blog--I have 13 children, one married and the youngest is 2. I have enjoyed reading how you "do it". I loved the cute pics of your little girls doing laundry.

I also have a few blogs--Ladyofvirtue on this blog site, and The Great Escape on

I look forward to reading your entries in the future.


Roberta said...

What I want to know is how a family of 14 can have two partial pitchers of juice in the fridge??? Our family, with 5 juice drinkers will polish off a pitcher in one sitting!! :)

The Davenport Dozen said...

LOL! I did try Google for a fridge and sock pic, but nothing good showed up, so I just took my own pic! LOL!

Ha ha! We just don't drink a lot of juice at our house. Water, water, water. Milk only on cereal and in recipes, water at lunch, juice at dinner, but some of the children will still choose water even if juice is available. Oh, and one of those containers of juice is my cranberry juice, and the children don't get to drink that. =)


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