May 22, 2008

The Royal Bedroom

~Originally posted 2/2006~

The "before" picture:

White walls, white trim, white fixtures,white, white, WHITE. The original owners bought the basic white, and no upgrades when they bought this house.(long story, but they sold it 2 months after buying it last June - to us - because they had to move out of state for a job. We are slowly getting things painted and adding color and wood trim, etc. to the house.

After reading the article I mentioned in a previous post we decided to go with really rich colors.

After pictures:

Our children call our room the "castle room" because it looks like where a king and queen would live. Well, it is where the king and queen live, so we call it the royal bedroom now! For some reason my camera is having a hard time getting the colors to look right and be in focus at the same time. So I've posted two different pics for you to see.

If you are interested in a bed canopy you can buy one for $19.99 plus shipping at ABC Distributing. They come in white or ivory. I actually bought one in white first, because I was getting it go with the quilt in the "before" picture. We tried it with the new bedding, but it was too white to go with all those rich earthy colors. So, got an ivory one. If anyone who is local to me would like to buy the white one from me, I'll sell it to you for what it cost me. It is a bargin compared to what they cost in stores! It would make a great Valentines Day surprise! And, it is easy to install!


Kristin said...

I found your blog on MckMama's page, and I am so in awe of you! I thought I had a stressful day today, and I only have two children! You are a total inspiration.

I love this bed canopy! I tried your link, but when I searched on "canopy" and "bed canopy," I couldn't find this. Feel free to jump over to my blog and let me know if there is a different link you could suggest.

Lastly, your family is just beautiful! :)

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